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why is it so hard to level up in oblivion

You get to raise 3 attributes by up to 5 points each. To fortify Alchemy, Conjuration, and Mysticism, they will need to fortify Intelligence. Does anybody know of a fast, yet rewarding way to level up quickly? Daedric artifacts come in handy too, since you're a sneak assassin, you should definitely go after the Boethiah shrine or the Dawnstar Museum, don't want to spoil anything, i'll just leave it at that :P If you did those quests already, that's some pretty awesome equipment. Eventually out of boredom I started doing destruction. It defeated the purpose of the RPG element in the game, while at the same time restricted the character and pretty much forced character development so you could get the best quest rewards. Everytime you level up one of your major skills, you get an experince point. Pump up your Illusion to 50 and purchase Shadow Shape (invisibility) from the Bravil Mages Guild. This will help you avoid serious trouble. I have several answers selected as best answers, I have answered many questions, logged in many days, and I'm still at level ONE!!! Many improvements are only possible by increasing your attributes: 1. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. On the other hand, there are many advantages to leveling. I actually loved the level scaling difficulty and think it's more appealing than a static diff level. You need to do all the above before you level up. This will make you level up a bunch. For example as long as I have "insert special/rare item here" I can take a full blast of dragon fire or ice breath point blank range and only walk away with a minor scratch or no damage at all. To level your athletics quicker, i find running and constantly jumping works. They also banish hostile summons instantly and soul trap enemies when I kill them. Doing all the guilds, DLC, and main quest in Oblivion easily takes 150+ hours playing casually, and by then you might be in the mid 40s in level but really powerful. A subreddit dedicated to mods, screenshots, videos, tactics, news and anything else related to Bethesda's 2006 open world RPG - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you increase the Armorer skill by 10 points in one level, you'll get a x5 modifier for Endurance when you level up. (I'm not sure what they are for an Imperial but it'll tell you in the menu) Just focus on raising those skills, and once you raise 10 points in a combination of any of the skills, you'll level up. You need ten experince points to level up. Keep on giving more answers, and try to give good answers every time, so that you have a greater chance of your answers earning the best answer selection. I think I read some where that bound weapons are daedric quality. Guilds are back in the installment of the Elder Scrolls, so take advantage and complete the guild quest lines. I say when you get to those levels because you get closer to the higher level monsters and you should … in your case, smithing is an excellent choice as you will be able to make really good equipment, and then improve it to be even better. Why does it take SOOO long to level up in this game? The books are the only way to gain exp for them...buts isnt that a bit too hard compared to the warriors guild? Sony promised more PS5 restocks before the end of the year, and we're tracking availability. This is an easy way to level up fast on Oblivion. Hello, i'm tryna level up from 27 to 30 on a secondary, is taking AGES, like really, I'm now 28 and to hit 30 it wants 48'000 xp points, each conquest gives about 600xp if it lasts about 30min, arenas give 300xp +- , is there a better way to level up… I eventually dropped armor completely around lv 21 after finishing winterhold. You won’t only get XP for performing certain actions, as it is in the vanilla game. You’re not supposed to hit max in the span of a single guild or two, especially not the Dark Brotherhood which doesn’t lend itself to many skill increases. i mean it would literally take you 20 years to get to level 30 depositing xp every day, so whats the point of all this? Why do people hate level scaling on Oblivion? Oblivion is the kind of science fiction movie that plays with a lot of other movies’ toys and forgets to clean them up afterward. You level up automatically by killing with weapons, magic, hands, or by doing stuff like swimming, jumping and running for athleticism. I use conjuration extensively using bound weapons instead of carrying them. (e.g. For example, the Armorer skill is linked to the Endurance attribute. Im now level 14 after GRINDING Peryite's shrine with a 2x xp booster. 1. By level 5, the Marauders have become extremely strong and it's going to be much more difficult to rely on a conjured creature. i keep clicking on "click here to level up" but it wont let me. So whats more important than levelling is getting the perks of your main skills, at as low a level … Cookies help us deliver our Services. nothing happens when i click on it. Now I am a full on mage. i've been doing some reading around, and because of the scaling enemies according to your level, many said that you want to max out your stats ASAP, while keeping your level as low as possible. Each skill has an attribute associated with it. There are a few glitches involved with oblivion, depending what class and race you are, you could level up pretty fast. it defeats the point of an RPG thats why. Now, I see all these characters that are at least level 15+ plus, and still haven't completed things like the Main Quest or the Fighters Guild quests. ... it defeats the point of an RPG thats why. Since I'm too low of a level still and no good armor has appeared yet it's hard to constantly use training. I swear the level progress meter is increasing at a snail's pace. I'm level 63 now and I find my character too powerful. Im now level 14 after GRINDING Peryite's shrine with a 2x xp booster. Daedric weapons are some of the strongest in the game. Well firstly I've already bought the Bozar, so I decided I needed to do something else with them. why even bother working so hard to lvl up when your enemies are just going to scale to match? This will increase the amount of Magicka the Hero has at their disposal). Everything you do will level you up in some way.. but it does take time. What character are you playing?I'm levelling as an assassin (archery, one handed weapon, light armor, sneak). Your Health increases by 10% of your Endurance. Leveling Up in Oblivion. I wear no heavy armor, carry no weapons with the exception of a few staves for summoning atronachs when I get into trouble. to be honest can you please make this post more readable...I love oblivion and since I have been with the elder scrolls series for a long time I feel that oblivion did not live up to Morrwind...just my opinion. Of course but it breaks up the freedom of the game and then becomes a very linear in which you have to play through the game in a certain order to lvl properly either that or do a bunch of grinding which is never fun. My now mage character kills things so much easier than when he was a warrior. Maybe you have chosen poorly in main stats. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. how true is this? (Like using magic when you’re supposed to be a thief? January's PlayStation Plus Free Games Include Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Greedfall, And More, Cyberpunk 2077 Class Action Lawsuit Is Happening, CDPR Will Defend Itself, Call Of Duty Warzone's Story Wraps In New Unlockable Cutscene. Best way to level up? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s played the game and doesn’t remember Lucien Lachance or Glarthir. You level up by increasing your major skills. This topic is locked from further discussion. Some of the "special or rare" items you can get in the game almost make you invincible to magic, depending how you use it. I started as heavy armor warrior with sword and shield. All my skills go to combat, I only use magic to level up and pump stats into the warrior abilities. Basically this mod changes the way the XP system works in the game. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I often hear about melee characters having trouble in the game I wonder if there is some sort of imbalance involved where lighter armor type characters such as thieves, archers, and mages have an advantage over warriors. I haven't met an enemy who has given me trouble since I became level 30. Why all these caps? I'm glad they brought the game back to life after the disappointing oblivion. These guys can level with Anchors or killing Daedra and Undead. Get your smithing to 100 as well to upgrade your weapons and armor to legendary. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Level Conjuration 3 levels. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I always wondered why Bethesda made all the creatures level up with the character. If you level up 2 skills that correspond with agility you get +2 and so on up to +5. Thats why they added it so that you can go do whatever you want when you want and i can respect that. And the red eagle I beat him with the fire shout and running around it's tomb xD, I'm playing a one-handed/shield heavy armor Warrior. I always wished there was a mod that only changed the creature scaling, and nothing else. I usually skill up other skills first so I partially get Heavy Armor skill ups from being hit while skilling up other things for that level then finish up the 10 skill points using rats in Fatback Cave. After awhile I decided to drop archery and just do destruction for range instead. I beat the entire Dark Brotherhood questline and was like level 6 by the end of it. hi guys, so this is probably my mistake but i just uninstalled realistic leveling and fundament in favor of installing oblivion xp mid-game. On my last character it was extremely easy to make money because of all the good random loot at higher levels. why even bother working so hard to lvl up when your enemies are just going to scale to match? Man, as someone who never really liked the way one levels up in Oblivion, this mod was an absolute godsent back in the day. Page 1 of 2 - Leveling is so slow - posted in Oblivion Technical Support: Could there be some reason why I can barely get past level 1 with a character? I tend to use bound sword in one hand and various rune spells in the other. They will want to fortify the governing attribute of the skill they are training in, especially with magic skills. You have to improve your major skills in order to get XP to level. The reason being everything else in the world levels up with you, depending on your playstyle you may easily beat a mob at level 2, the same exact mob will kick your arse when you are at level 10. And while normal enemies don't give me problems "bossess" are a pain in the ass (yesterday I fought the necromancer who wanted to revive his dead husband and who awards the ghost sword) and I was able to beat her because I found a spot where the reanimated corpses wouldn't be able to land their attacks... if it wasn't for that I would still be fighting her..). Well it depends, even though the game scales according to your level, if you build your character in a specific way you still will be over powered. You should have your main stats in armor, weapons and generally stuff that you use constantly, and leave other things to be secondary. the game starts getting hard as you level up though, so make sure to increase smithing after adventuring for a while to make sure your other skills arent left behind Oblivion's main quest was by far the worst out of the series. Having said this, I think going up the ladder of points in YA, or getting a top contributor badge, is not important. Just keep playing, dragon masks are a nice touch too since they boost a lot of a specific stat, I was running around with the green stamina mask (Rahgot) for a while, pumps 70 to stamina. If you're not sure what your major skills are, check your stats (press b, then go on the first tab). In a world so large, with so many NPCs inhabiting it, it seems difficult to make too many standout characters, but Oblivion is full of them. I'm about to 1000 achievement Skyrim (finally...), need to start playing other games. The Arena did not escape my notice; different contestants now level on their own individual scales, starting at 5-15 through to 11-21 with the Grey Prince set at level 30. It gives the game its longevity. That being said, morrowind and skyrim was/is way better than oblivion by a far stretch. Needed it since I was a heavy warrior. I downloaded Realistic Leveling, which for a time seemed to remedy this but not it has stopped working. Your level in YA would go up as time passes, without knowing it. This article applies to both the PC and console (PS3 and Xbox 360) versions of the game. Leveling on this game is rather different than other RPG games. I'm at about 80 strength and endurance now at level 11, so hopefully I … Maximizing these advantages will allow you to keep ahead of the enemies. After my "Warrior abilities/Smithing/Enchanting" were all maxed out I started on "Speech/Sneak/Pickpocket". 2. The Story of Oblivion Level Alteration 4 levels. Oblivion has no levels, it is a sandbox game, the only levels is your character level and if you are finding the game too hard just drop the difficulty in the options menu. I made up my mind to use the caps to improve Oblivion. i dont get it, why is it so hard to level up? The Elder Scrolls IV, also known as Oblivion, is a really wonderful role playing game with quite a few unique features that set it apart from other RPG’s.Among those features is the way that your character levels up in the game. Only this way, or at least with combinations like this would get you 5X at all 3 attributes. I can’t believe it’s been more than 10 years since I tried it! This is how I feel as well; Oblivion is actually the worst entry in the series. (I probably made a 1,000 Iron Daggers just to get smithing to a 100...). (Without console commands, of course) Thx! ), Im a thief, but I DO sneak around and use my bow/sword/light armor. i think i must've screwed up somewhere because despite having enough experiencce needed to level up i can't bring up the levelup menu. Level illusion 3 levels. Draugr deathlords are harder than dragons... heh. So when you get about 6-10 you will start being able to clean up on some of the green contracts, and some of the light red. A key aspect of Oblivion is that when you level, the strength of most opponents increases: the level of many NPCs will be higher, and you will encounter more difficult creatures. Are you not playing according to your class style? This however is called power leveling and will make you very strong later in the game so you do not need to play like this. leveling up a skill or two should be fine. Power-leveling still exists in Oblivion, much the same way it did in Morrowind. Oh my character is lv 26 so far. Does OOO/MMM/FCOM affect leveling progression at all? - posted in Oblivion Discussion: Okay, so obviously, I come to Oblivion for some good, clean RPG fun, right? It's still fun doing quests and playing the game, plus one hit killing bandits never gets old. The various quests you pick up can give you an easily laid out way to get XP, helping you level faster by creating a clear path of things to do. So the most effecient way to level is to mess around for some time every level ranking up skills that aren't your major skills so you can get +5 to three stats of your choice. I beat the entire Dark Brotherhood questline and was like level 6 by the end of it. Why is it so hard to level up to 30? I had dwarven and ebony armor with a sharpened blade sword. I was using a bow and specializing in restoration as well to help with healing. Check PS5 inventory and listings right here. Why does it take SOOO long to level up in this game? You can get the spell from the Mystic Emporium in the Imperial City Market District. If you want to level up quickly, select Athletics as one of your Major Skills and never stop running. The rest of your Minor skills can be used whenever you like just don't go overboard until your attributes are capped. Hope this makes your boss fights less painful. All I want to do is give thumbs up or down on other people's answers :( And now I feel bad for asking this question cuz they're going to take away FIVE hard earned points for posting up a question :( : Well, I found this mod in the Wiki, and it solves the above problems for me, I thought it might for somebody else too. At the same time it's really the only way to create a game with that much freedom. So they can jsut grind up to level 10, while the mage-guild cant do that, they need a lot more time to reach level 10. One way to help level-up in this area is to cast a Drain "skill" spell (such as Drain: Block), because armor exp is determined by how many times the armor/shield is hit, therefore lower level with stronger armor (Daedricis best) they get more experience, … They could easily remove all the RPG elements and have the same game. Otherwise there would be a ton of places that you couldnt go and quests that you couldnt do if you werent powerful enough. You'll also want to get those bonuses (+2 or +5, etc) once you level up for your minor skills. To really power level, you need to get the maximum modifier possible for each attribute.

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