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k2 base camp trek

I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not up to scratch. Close, Chris Lininger is a writer, photographer, and guide from California. are beyond your control. If you have never worn crampons in your life before, I recommend that you bring Microspikes instead of full-on crampons. Time to lace up your alpine boots amigos. Every licensed tour operator offering the K2 Base Camp trek can issue the LOI and other supporting documents you need to apply for your visa. This means that you should not have the carry the bulk of your stuff as you move between camps. If you don’t mind eating a little less and having fewer comforts, then a budget operator may be who you want to go with. 6. People mingle about, sipping steaming cups of chai. Bring along your Kindle or a good book so that you can have something to do during rest days and evening time. Check out my full review of the best down jackets. You must have experience using this backpack. You don’t need anything fancy. From there, you will depart to the scenic town of Skardu and on to the village of Askole, where the real adventure begins! Expedition Duffle Bag: These bags are great for keeping the majority of your “camp” stuff organized. I like to wear cotton myself as they breath better than synthetic. Since the maximum altitude gained on the K2 trek is around 5,600 m, you’ll need to be covered up to that elevation. This adventure is most commonly known as “K2 Base Camp Trek” as this walk on Trekking to K2 Base Camp leads us to the base camp of K2. The NOC is a necessary permit that allows you to enter the restricted area within the Central Karakoram National Park. Also, if you have crampons, you will need a proper boot to receive them. Now that we have covered essential gear, let’s take a look at the clothing systems required for this trek. Trekking from Askoli (first camp) over Baltoro glacier to Concordia offers views of several famous 6000 m and 7000 m peaks, several glaciers (including Biafo – world’s 3rd longest non-polar), glacial lakes etc. Buff: This tiny piece of fabric may not seem useful or necessary, but once you have integrated a Buff into your gear kit, there is no going back. Take solid travel insurance that will actually help you in a worst-case scenario situation. Below, I answer the most important questions surrounding what it is actually like to trek to K2, what to pack for two weeks in the Karakoram, K2 Base Camp trek cost, on the ground logistics, how to choose the right tour company, required permits, traveling in Pakistan, and much more. Avoid cotton. Home » Asia » Pakistan » K2 Base Camp Trek Guide: Everything You Need To Know. We are a hometown company providing dedicated and complete destination services for K2 base camp trek, Gondogoro La Trek and additional trails (including numerous mountain passes) in the Karakoram Range. Bonatti and Mehdi survived, but Mehdi was hospitalized for months and had to have his toes amputated because of frostbite. K2 Concordia & K2 Base Camp Trek Trip Details. Down jackets provide excellent insulation for those chilly nights at camp and early morning starts on the trail. After descending the La (on a fixed rope, clipped in with a harness), the trek follows the green valley below for several days before arriving at the beautiful Balti village of Hushe. Recommendation: Fujifilm X-T3. Obtaining the NOC can take anywhere between 3 weeks and 2 months to complete, as there is only one office in Islamabad that processes these permits. One of our objectives is to visit K2 Base Camp (approx 5150m) and the Gilkey Memorial, a spectacular full day trip from camp.The most exciting day of this trek as you walk past Broad peak and get nearer to K-2 and arrive at the strip which is the most popular camping area for nearly all the expeditions to K-2. K2 base camp trek is the most famous trekking destination around the world. The expedition was led by Ardito Desio, and the two climbers who reached the summit were Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni. For a majority of the trek, you do not need gaiters. If you wear them at a lower altitude, you will find them to be too hot. EUR Skardu is the largest city in Baltistan. I took two pairs with me. In addition to needing a licensed guide, you will also need to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This remote and rugged trek is considered one of the greatest hikes in the world as it takes you through the dramatic terrain of the Karakoram range with unparalleled views and incredible natural formations. The area is simply unspoiled, like the way it was found by Younghusband and Shipton. 5. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Of the five highest mountains in the world, K2 is the deadliest where approximately one person dies on the mountain for every four who reach the summit. Break in your boots and save yourself from a world of pain. Don’t stress! The K2 Base Camp trek is an expedition-style trek, which means everything you will need for the two weeks you are away from civilization must be carried with you and your team of porters. Make sure it fits properly, and it is comfortable to wear for long periods. K2 Base Camp Trek (2021) K2 Base Camp Trek is considered as the world’s famous high altitude trekking route, challenging and demanding but equally rewarding, delightful and remarkable as well. 8. Trekking Poles: I am a firm believer in the importance of using trekking poles. Concordia is a glacial confluence of the Baltoro Glacier with the Glacier of Godwin Austen. Arrive with a good state of fitness: The more fit you are, the more you will enjoy your time in the mountains. This insulation provides you with the ability to lock in your body heat, even when temperatures fall to freezing or below. Over the years, K2 has developed a reputation as one of the most difficult and dangerous 8,000-meter peaks to climb in the world. The K2 Base Camp trek is an expedition-style trek, which means everything you will need for the two weeks you are away from civilization must be carried with you and your team of porters. All rights reserved. A quick Google search will reveal a plethora of tour companies offering to fulfill your dreams of completing the K2 Base Camp trek. Bring moleskin for blisters, antibiotics for stomach issues, and Diamox for altitude sickness (optional). K2 is the world’s second highest mountain soaring sky high at 28,251 feet in Pakistan’s Northern most region; Gilgit-Baltistan. More information. Baltoro glacier (63 km). K2 base camp trek mainly involves walking over and marching along the world’s 5th longest non-polar glacier i.e. The days are longer and more remote than a similar trek in the Himalayas of Nepal. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also on the expedition were Walter Bonatti and Pakistani Hunza porter Amir Mehdi, who both proved vital to the expedition’s success in that they carried oxygen tanks to 8,100 meters (26,600 ft) for Lacedelli and Compagnoni. Chris is also a founding member of, Airbnb's Most Unique Properties Worldwide. K2 Base Camp Trek gives great views of four 8,000m peaks and is thought by many to be one of the best high mountain treks in the world. The GRAYL GEOPRESS water bottle is the ONLY all-in-one filter water bottle setup you’ll need. 5 Nights Hotels, 14 Nights Camping, 14 Days Demanding Trekking. 0. Day 10: Baltoro Glacier Trek. If you bring a summer rated sleeping bag, you will be putting yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation. 4. You can easily access the itinerary for the trek to K2 base camp. The top of the pass is a broad area offering breathtaking views of 4 eight thousand meter peaks. Towering mountain peaks, cerulean glacier pools, remote wilderness, Balti culture, alpine passes, comrades to adventure with, I mean, what else do you need? Recommendation: REI Lightweight Base Layer Bottoms, Sun Hat and Warm Hat/Beanie: Hats are a personal preference. Pack the right gear and keep yourself hydrated and warm. JPY. Epic Backpacker Tours (a TBB partner company) falls into this category. A baseball-style trucker hat or safari broad bill that will work. Once you have had your visa approved, it’s time to apply for your NOC. Skardu, the bewitching capital of Baltistan region, is the starting point for mighty K-2. You should start this process as soon as your visa is approved. Here is the general breakdown: Pretty much without exception, all groups set off by jeep from the dusty Balti bazaar town of Skardu. That said, alpine boots will be hotter and heavier on your feet than standard trekking boots, especially down at the lower elevations. This what to pack section is massive, so settle in. Plus, you could use it as a mask to rob a bank. Want to support the site? However, it is much more convenient to be able to charge your stuff inside your tent. Plus, you can stuff a dry bag with your down jacket and other fluffy clothing to make a damn good improvised pillow. For the love of our mountains, we do our best to provide reliable information, meaningful guidance, user-friendly online booking system and complete logistics for full-board treks via Baltoro Glacier to Concordia, K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La/Pass. Trek to K2 base camp and Broad Peak base camp is altogether a one day return trip from Concordia on the Godwin Austen glacier. Altitude 4800m / 15748 Ft. Group Size: 4-10 Duration: 19 Days From Islamabad to Islamabad Dates K2 Concordia & K2 Base Camp Trek 2020. From there you will join your group and either fly to Skardu or make the journey overland by road. Depending on the time of year, a group will have to share the campsite with two or three other groups. It gives you a true wilderness experience. The K2 Base Camp trek is a MUST for anybody serious about taking on one of the least frequented long-distance hikes in the world. Ah, the luxuries of modern times. Switzerland Hiking The Matterhorn. Take the time to chat with your team of hard-working porters, cooks, and guides. Showing up unprepared is pretty much a one-way ticket to the ultimate suffer-fest. At the end of Baltoro glacier is Concordia which is known as “Throne Room of Mountain Gods”. Note that EBY is not running any K2 BC trips this year (2020) due to the on going COvid 19 pandemic. The No Objection Certificate (NOC): I’ll start by saying that for travelers, obtaining the NOC is NOT your responsibility to apply for. 3. Trekking Time (Return) Broad BC: 5-6 hours. Short on time but want an incredible experience? Recommendation: Smartwool Merino Sport 150. Still, though, you can find things like trekking clothes, helmets, crampons, climbing equipment, trekking poles, and the like. 10. 5-6 pairs are sufficient. Before, travelers had to submit their passport and documents directly to the Pakistani consulate in their home country. Recommendation: Theram-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm. Read our full review of the GRAYL GEOPRESS! You do NOT want to roll your ankle out here. Hot Trip. The trek offers views of new landscape including pastures, glaciers and gorgeous peaks until the downstream journey is made to Hushey valley. As always, when planning a major trip into the mountains, having the right gear is one of the bests ways to prepare your self for a happy and successful trekking experience. Under the new scheme – all parties planning on going to K2 BC or entering central Karakoram National Park will need to apply for the Trekking and Mountaineering Visa. Recommendation: Buried in the Sky: Extraordinary Story of the Sherpa Climbers on K2’s Deadliest Day. I recommend going with a 35 – 45-liter backpack. And you can find yourself enjoying the area without meeting other trekkers, climbers or wanderlust as few challenge the unknown mountains. View 4 eight-thousanders from Gondogoro Pass. Trek leader Dan Mazur has been to K2 basecamp 8 times and is a K2 summiter, placing … Whoever eventually manages a winter ascent on K2 will become immortalized forever in mountaineering lore, that is for certain. There are two options on return to Concordia after trek to K2 base camp. Mid-Level Operators: Mid-level operators are most likely to cater to the largest demographic of the trekking community. Max. By road, it takes a hellish 30 hours to reach Skardu as the road (from the KKH to Skardu) is appalling. Also, there is little to no ice on the Gondogoro La descent, which removes the need to use crampons. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. K2 base camp trek, synonymous with Baltoro Glacier Trek and Baltoro Concordia Trek, is one of the world’s most famous mountain treks, located in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Camera: For capturing the raw awesomeness of the Karakoram of course. With the right physical fitness and a just mindset, anyone can do this trek. During the trek to K2 and back trekking groups stop off at a series of seasonal camps, set apart at intervals with reasonable elevation gains. Budget backpackers might be tempted to go for the cheapest possible option, which in the end, may work out for them just fine. 4. One lightweight pair for most trekking days, and a thicker, warmer pair for the higher altitudes. Bring a positive attitude and your patience A-game, and try not to take yourself or the situation too seriously. That’s the obvious bit though. Helmet: When crossing the Gondogoro La, there is a high danger of rockfall. After descending the pass, the walk mostly continues over glaciers (including Gondogoro glacier) and lateral moraine. Awesome! They have so many practical applications from serving as a dust mask to keeping the sun off of your neck. All foreigners must have a licensed guide with them. The Classic K2 base camp trek is one of the greatest treks in the world, unbeatable in terms of close-up mountain views and proximity to many of the world’s highest peaks. One of the main aspects is to have an open mind and a flexible attitude to participate in this trekking … Folks flying in from overseas should arrive into the Islamabad Airport. You will suffer the consequences, and you will possibly put yourself and your group at risk by being underprepared. A rain shell is the key to a successful layering system as they function as a sort of warmth seal in addition to acting as a barrier to the elements. Start and end in Islamabad! Hopefully, this K2 Base Camp trek guide will help you prepare to have an awesome adventure of your own! All of this sounds complicated, but in reality, it is a fairly straight forward process. We’d love to have you join us in 2021, so if you are interested in an absolute trekking adventure of a lifetime, check out our full itinerary for 2021 dates and details. At the lower elevations, these fixed camps have individual toilet “cubicles”, and always have a source of running water (though this water is not always safe to drink). If you already have a quality sleeping pad, better to bring it as it will most definitely be more comfortable than the ones provided to you. Trekking Shirts (3-4): Go with something synthetic. 2. The sun is super intense, shade is non-existent, and you’ll need every bit of protection you can get. The trek is accessible through the Askole Village of the Baltistan region. I am repeating myself here because it bears repeating. You probably do not need more than an 8o liter bag, but if you have a bulky sleeping bag or other large items, getting a few extra liters is not a bad idea. The K2 Base Camp Trek is no walk in the park but when you know what trekking at high altitude entails, you will respect the trek, but you won't find it necessarily difficult. Since the K2 Base Camp Trek cost is never going to be dirt cheap, it is worth splashing out the few hundred bucks extra to go with a quality operator. Underwear (4-6 pairs): Your call. Budget Operators: Barebones outfits, who often come with quality English-speaking guides and staff, but lack the funding to have many of the comforts found in the other tiers of quality, including a decent food budget. Our extensive K2 base camp gear list includes everything you’ll need for this epic trek to the second-highest mountain on Earth. I can promise you that. This is the pack that you will hike with daily. This camp was not only used by Sir Francis Younghusband in 1887, but Eric Shipton’s expedition called the camp home as well. The Grayl Geopress is the ultimate badass water filter bottle. The K2 base camp trek in Pakistan is one of the great hikes on earth. 5 Days / 4 Nights . Option 1: Hike back how you came, down the Baltoro Glacier to Askole (which takes 4-6 days). This means that including guests, guides, porters, cooks, and pack animals a campsite could host more than 150 people at any one time. July is typically the best month to do this trek. Ready to give up yet? The drawback is that they stay sweatier for longer. I have heard of people getting killed by rockfall on the Gondogoro, so bringing a helmet is a no brainer. I totally get wanting to do the trip on the super cheap. Certain factors like weather, rockfall, acts of God, etc. Given the uneven terrain found on the glaciers, having a solid set of trekking poles is key to taking the weight off of your knees, maintaining balance, and preventing falls. Nothing is worse than trying to trek with an upset belly obtained from drinking dirty water. After leaving the small farming village of Askole, the trail enters Central Karakoram National Park, where trekkers will spend the next few days making their way to the Baltoro Glacier. You don’t want that. Airport transfers on first and last day. Plus, nobody wants to be cold for days on end. For particular frigid nights hanging out at camp, having the ability to chuck on another layer for your legs is nice. Check out my review of the best hiking boots. Whether you need to purify the water from a hostel sink in Kathmandu or a stream trickle in the Andes, the Geopress has got you covered. In all likelihood, there are only a few places where you will really need them: Concordia to K2, Concordia to Ali Camp, Ali Camp – Gondogoro La. Fleece: The fleece layer is likely to be your most commonly used torso layer. I began to search for climbing and trekking groups in Pakistan and found a K2 Base Camp Trek event. K2 and the Angelus. 23 Days / 22 Nights (1 Review) St. Moritz Ski Packages. Trekking to K2 Base Camp is the most popular trekking holiday for foreign trekkers visiting Pakistan. They are well worth it in my opinion as I used mine nearly every day en route to K2. It is the supreme point for views of K2 (world’s second tallest mountain) and other mighty peaks above 8000 m. It is a legend that one night under the grand mountains in Concordia adds to life span of any soul by one year. In addition to providing warmth, the base layer gives you much-needed protection from the searing Karakoram sun. From the Baltoro, the real fun begins. As the name suggests, this hike is a trek to the base of the K2 mountain (Balti name: Chogori). Bring a dust mask/scarf/buff/bandana for the ride.

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